Dr. André Skupin
Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS)
Department of Geography
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-4493

Phone: (619) 594-6946


Publications (see PDF version for breakdown into categories):

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Skupin, A. (2013) A visual exploration of mobile phone users, land cover, time, and space. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. (

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Book Reviews:

Skupin, A. (in press) Review of The Visualization of Spatial Social Structure by Danny Dorling. Journal of Regional Science.

Skupin, A. (2003) Review of Information Visualization journal. D-Lib Magazine 9(9).

Skupin, A. (2002) Review of Introduction to Geographic Information Systems by Kang-tsung Chang. Transactions in GIS 6(3).