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Dr. André Skupin

Dr. André Skupin
Storm Hall 305B
Department of Geography
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-4493
Phone: (619) 594-6946
Email: skupin@mail.sdsu.edu
Web: Personal, CICS, BIG:DATA, BigKnowledge®, Left of Boom
Google Scholar: scholar.google.com/citations?user=zrJzM-QAAAAJ


  • Professor, San Diego State University
  • Founder & Co-Director, Center for Information Convergence and Strategy (CICS), SDSU
  • Associate Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), University of Dubai
  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO, BigKnowledge®

  • 1998-2005 - Asst. & Assoc. Professor - University of New Orleans
  • 1998 Ph.D. Geography - University at Buffalo
  • 1992 Dipl.-Ing. Cartography - TU Dresden, Germany
  • Industry experience with BigKnowledge (USA), Esri (USA), NCGIA (USA), GTZ/ISPA (Germany), SRS (Germany), GIMS (South Africa) & others


  • Visual Data Mining.
    Geographic Visualization.
    Information Visualization.
  • Natural Language Processing.
    Text Mining. Digital Humanities.
  • Geographic Data Engineering and Cyberinfrastructure. Spatio-Temporal Modeling.
  • Semantic Web. Knowledge Analytics.

CV as pdf (May 2016)


  • Map Investigation - GEOG 380
  • Geographic Information Systems - GEOG 484
  • GIS Applications - GEOG 584
  • Cartographic Design (Data Visualization) - GEOG 581
  • Seminar in Knowledge Visualization - GEOG 780

Current Research

  • Human mobility in physical and abstract spaces
  • Domain ontology development and visualization
  • Travels in attribute space aka 'Computing Déjà Vu'
  • Monitoring of dynamics in crime, climate, and land cover
  • Self-organizing map (SOM) software and workflow development
  • Knowledge visualization for science and technology (S&T) studies
  • Visualization of high-dimensional data in medical and financial domains
  • Foundational work on GIS&T Body of Knowledge

Recent Publications

Ahearn, S.C. and Skupin, A. (2016) From Body of Knowledge to Base-Map: Managing Domain Knowledge through Collaboration and Computation. In: Advancing Geographic Information Science: The Past and Next Twenty Years. (link)

Fabrikant, S., Gabathuler, C., and Skupin, A. (2015) SOMViz: Web-based Self-Organizing Maps. Kartographische Nachrichten. (link)

Skupin, A. (2014) Making a Mark: A Computational and Visual Analysis of One Researcher's Intellectual Domain. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. (link)

Skupin, A. (2013) A visual exploration of mobile phone users, land cover, time, and space. Pervasive and Mobile Computing. (link)

Burns, R. and Skupin, A. (2013) Towards Qualitative Geovisual Analytics: A Case Study Involving Places, People, and Mediated Experience. Cartographica. (link)

Ahearn, S.C., Icke, I., Datta, R., DeMers, M.N., Plewe, B., and Skupin, A. (2013) Re-Engineering the GIS&T Body of Knowledge. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. (link)

Wang, N., Biggs, T., and Skupin, A. (2013) Visualizing Gridded Time Series Data with Self-Organizing Maps: An Application to Multi-Year Snow Dynamics in the Northern Hemisphere. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems.(link)

Skupin, A., Biberstine, J., and Börner, K. (2013) Visualizing the Topical Structure of the Medical Sciences: A Self-Organizing Map Approach. PLoS ONE. (link)

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Snippet from a visualization of the domain of music (see link)
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