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Harry D. Johnson – Duties

Cartographic, GIS, Web, and Multimedia Development (45%)

Incumbent provides cartographic, GIS, web, and multimedia services to faculty, staff, and students within the Department of Geography. Development services are also rendered for the department itself as requested by the chair and PAC as necessary. Specific responsibilities include:

User Consultation and Support (25%)

Incumbent provides technical consultation and support to all faculty, staff, and students within the Department of Geography. Assistance is also extended to non-Departmental entities upon request, pending approval by the Senior Operating Systems Analyst. Specific responsibilities include:

Installation and Maintenance of Computer Equipment (15%)

Under general supervision, incumbent independently installs, maintains, and evaluates computer hardware and software. Incumbent is also responsible for efficient operation of the Macintosh platform utilized on workstations and servers within the Department. Specific responsibilities include:

Systems and Network Analysis (10%)

Incumbent monitors the MacOS server and workstation operating systems and assists the Operating Systems Analysts to ensure a stable, efficient, and optimized overall system for all Department users. Specific responsibilities include:

Other Administrative Duties (5%)

Incumbent performs other administrative and miscellaneous duties as requested by Department users at the discretion of the Senior Operating Systems Analyst, Department Chair, or the incumbent’s own self-judgment. Supervision of graduate/research assistants is also required. Specific responsibilities include: